floor plan

floor plan

port macquarie floor planning & electrical planning

At Inside Interior Design, we believe creating a floor plan is an essential element in resolving a room’s design.

At Inside Interior Design, we believe a floor plan is an effective and cost efficient tool in the design process. We look at every detail of a floor plan as it is crucial for the desired outcome. Experimenting on paper provides flexibility without the heavy lifting. Developing a floor plan is the key to making a room function more efficiently and thus creating harmony.

At Inside Interior Design we have a passion for making space work to the best of its ability for any environment. Whether your requirements are for your home or office, Inside Interior Design is ready to help you provide clarity, functionality and beauty, all at the same time.

Our floor plan consultancy includes:

Floor Planning

Your floor plan should reflect the way you live. Therefore, defining your space is crucial for creating a harmonious environment. It’s important to know your space limitations before moving and placing furniture.

Electrical Planning

Inside Interior Design will carefully prepare an electrical plan that will meet the general, task specific and decorative aspirations of the project. Careful consideration is placed into lighting and power points so they play a functional and aesthetic role in a space.

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