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soft furnishings

port macquarie soft furnishings

Wanting to inject colour and life into a room? Soft furnishings are a simple and affordable solution for the home or office.

At Inside Interior Design, we can help you achieve a room with style and comfort with our soft furnishing consultancy service. We provide “customised shopping consultation” to offer you cost efficient advice and time saving tips to style your new home, renovation, or to just refresh a room. We give you the confidence and know-how to transform your space.

We can bring out the best in your home. We can provide professional advice on all your soft furnishings needs, either working in with your existing colour schemes or creating a whole new look for your home.

Textiles bring colour, pattern and texture to a room, while also adding comfort and personality. Cushions are a favourite design tool and can transform the mood of a room. Window treatments also have the ability to change the mood of a space, while at the same time adding thermal qualities to a home.

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